6 trait writing activities ideas

Link to Website Information From the Website: After evaluating thousands of papers at all grade levels, teachers identified common characteristics of good writing. Some use four traits; some use more. However, these same six or seven characteristics show up on everyone's list in one form or another.

6 trait writing activities ideas

6 trait writing activities ideas

The key is to use mentor texts for modeling and provide lots of practice. The beauty of using mentor texts with the six trait writing process is that they are meant to be used for many purposes, they are to be imitated and help our kids take risks with trying new approaches in their writing.

I am a big fan of picture books for all grade levels. These books stimulate interest, they are culturally diverse and can be read in their entirety in one setting. Most picture books will also cross reference within the 6 Trait Framework, meaning they can be used for more than one lesson. In fact, it is a very good idea to revisit a book for multiple purposes rather than be "once and done.

These books are proven winners that kids love and can model their writing after. The content is the heart of the message. This is the main message, or theme, of the text. It is also where the author refines the details used in the writing piece.

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Often, guiding students towards refining ideas is the hardest part of teaching writing to children. Students have to learn that a clear message with supporting details is critical to clear communication. Nothing Ever Happens On 90th Street 2. Organization Organization is how the piece is structured.

There should be a logical sequence or pattern to the writing. Children need to be specifically taught how to do this. Strong beginnings, effective sequencing with transitions and satisfactory conclusions are what make writing engaging.

When writing makes sense it is easier and more enjoyable to read. When it isn't, the reader loses interest and the piece is ineffective. Daisy Comes Home 3.

6 trait writing activities ideas

Voice Voice is what makes the magic happen in a story. It is what makes a piece of writing easily identifiable as an author's work because the style is so distinctive. Most children naturally have this - they just need help refining it.

Encourage them to show their humor, sarcasm or wit in their stories. Word Choice Word Choice is often mistaken for complicated vocabulary.

Teaching word choice does involve vocabulary building activities, but it is also about developing the ability to choose the right words to convey the meaning in everyday writing. Figurative language needs to be actively taught and used orally before expecting children to use it in their writing.

Try to make word play a common occurrence in your classroom:questions and activities. finished evaluating your writing, go back to any questions you marked to revise. Reread the question and revise your writing. Yes Revise Skip Trait 1: Organization Yes Revise Skip Trait 2: Ideas and Content Does my haiku focus on something in nature?

Do my ideas make sense? Yes Revise Skip Trait 3. the writing more easily. Trait of IDEAS Trait of ORGANIZATION Trait of VOICE Trait of WORD CHOICE Trait of SENTENCE FLUENCY Trait of CONVENTIONS Consistent Visual Icons Consider incorporating a building-wide set of visual icons that represent each trait.

Not only do students hear the same trait words from year to year, but they see the same graphics. Evan-Moor Grade 8 Daily 6-Trait Writing Book features 25 weekly units which provides trait-based writing activities that cover the essential traits of strong writing such as ideas, organization, word choice, sentence fluency, voice and conventions.

6-Trait writing features an easy to use book that offers you the flexibility to teach weekly units in consecutive order or to pick and choose. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - 6 Traits Of Writing.

Some of the worksheets displayed are Introducing the 6 traits to students, 6 1 traits of writing, The six traits of writing, Why should i care, 6 traits of writing, 61 traits of writing, Three purposes of writing, Building traits overview.

Ideas Topic Tree Writing Traits; Six. Mini-Lessons for Writing Workshop using 6 Traits of Writing UGrade 3 Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District ideas: 1) Vary the length of CA Writing Standard: Language Conventions (Using correct sentences), and (comma usage). 6 1 Writing Traits, Common Core Writing, Writing Lessons, Writing Process, Teaching Writing, Writing Activities, Writing Strategies, Writing Ideas, Writing Skills Find this Pin and more on 2nd/3rd Grade Writing by Leah Perry.

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