A review of pacecco de rosas painting the massacre of the innocents

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A review of pacecco de rosas painting the massacre of the innocents

Art in Tuscany | The Massacre of the Innocents

My Thoughts on the New Pope First, it was an incredible surprise on the timing. He was implying to not hold your breath. Well, he was wrong. I was also surprised on who was picked. I had been researching the leading candidates, and I had settled on a few who I thought would be good picks: Everyone was looking at candidates seventy or younger.

Bergoglio was never mentioned as a leading candidate. It was while sitting at my desk at work that I saw a headline come across of the white smoke from the Sistine Chapel, and therefore a Pope was selected.

I switched on some video feed from the Vatican and I waited in anticipation like the rest of the world as to who the man was. Suddenly my boss comes into my office and we start talking work.

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After we finished talking I told him that they had selected a Pope and I was waiting to see who it was. We waited for a bit, and another person, another Catholiccame in and we three, me in my chair, the other two standing behind me, stared at the screen until the new Pontiff came out.

What a surprise that the man selected, Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina, was 76 and he took the name of Francis. First let me state some less profound, more emotional connections to the man.

Who needs the Europeans! I probably would have been just as excited if he had come from Africa or Asia, though from the Americas is just a touch more special.

A review of pacecco de rosas painting the massacre of the innocents

Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci must have prayed a few extra Ave Marias for this to come about. I can certainly identify with that!

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His father was a railway worker, the same with my great grandfather. Hmm, an engineer or a science background with links to literature? Given the slow secularization across western culture, the Cardinals picked a man trained to deliver sharp, disciplined argument.

B16 was known as a deep, profound theologian, arguably the leading theologian of this age, even before he became Pope. Wikipedia lists 66 books under his name from before and during his Papacy.

But B16 presented arguments as a scholar and, if you will, as an artist: Jesuit persuasion is more of a disputation. Its thought is honed to clarity and it responds to the rebuttal by picking apart its fallacies. This will be more of an engaged counter to the philosophical Zeitgeist of our day.

And I can it see already. On that first day on the balcony, he was radiating Francis of Assisi, simple and humble. But on the second day, he gave a homily reflecting his Jesuit mind in his first mass as Pope, and I caught it.

A review of pacecco de rosas painting the massacre of the innocents

The homily given was completely extemporaneous, no notes, no teleprompter, completely off the top of his head, in, mind you, his second language of Italian. But when you look at the translated transcript what you see is a central thesis that links the three biblical readings; then boom-boom-boom, three points that flesh out and substantiate the argument, and then builds toward a higher point from where he started, all in about eight paragraphs.

The fact that he took the name Francis after St. Francis of Assisi is most significant.

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No Pope has ever done that. That may be a first in itself too. What does the connection to Francis of Assisi signify? He eschewed planning, organizing, systematizing.

By the way, when I say above that I consider St.The Massacre of the Innocents. Pacecco de Rosa (Francesco de Rosa), Italian (active Naples), c.

- The panels The Massacre of the Innocents, The Adoration of the Magi, and two others probably formed the predella of an altarpiece, probably that of the "Purification of the Virgin" formerly in the cathedral of Massa Marittima.

The pictures, from about , are typical of Sano's popular, conservative approach to painting, appreciated by the Franciscan order. In 43% of the inter partes review cases since , the challengers succeeded in overturning all challenged patent claims.

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Massacre of Innocence - The Occult Roots of Abortion This video looks at the spiritual roots of abortion and exposes the myths surrounding child killing. Little known historical facts about abortion and how they relate to modern feminism are presented logically and accurately.

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