An analysis of stagecoach station 34 deadman butte

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An analysis of stagecoach station 34 deadman butte

Thursday, March 7, Chavez Historic Trail Having located a wire-bound cairn marking the upper end of the Chavez Historic Trail during a recent hike to the Rattlesnake Canyon gaging station, we decided to do an exploratory hike in preparation for adding it to the regular Skyliner hike schedule.

Anita Jackson had intended to join us, but her car had broken down. Chavez Trail 1a road established in by Colonel J. This would have it following the same route as the later established General Crook Trail 2 built from Camp Verde to Prescott. Little by little we gave up hope of reaching Verde that day.

An analysis of stagecoach station 34 deadman butte

Down and around, this way and that, near the edge, then back again, swaying, swerving, pitching, the gravel clattering over the precipice, the six mules trotting their fastest, we reached the bottom and the driver pulled up his team.

As Jack lifted me out of the ambulance, I said: Passing back under the freeway, we turned as though to enter the freeway on the southbound ramp, but then immediately veered right onto a dirt road Forest Roadthough unsigned. High clearance vehicles, even 4-wheel drive in wet weather, are highly desirable here.

After crossing the wash we drove along a smooth, well-packed dirt road for another 0. We parked at the bend in the road and started our hike from there. We knew that at least the trailhead was marked by a prominent cairn and we knew just where that was, just a few yards from our parking spot.

We had no idea what sort of markings, if any, we might find farther along the trail. Examining the trailhead cairn rightwe discovered it had apparently been placed as part of a cooperative venture between the Forest Service and an organization named Back Country Horsemen of America.

We were pleased to find that we could also see another cairn within sight of the first, a pattern that was to be repeated all the way along the trail. For the first three-tenths of a mile the trail led us southwest through a grove of junipers, but then turned and ran for half a mile to the northwest heading directly toward Rattlesnake Canyon.

This shift in direction brought us around the head of Hog Canyon, after which we again turned southwest to travel along the spine of the ridge between Hog and Rattlesnake Canyons.

At the high point of the ridge, about 2 miles from the trailhead, we paused for a rest. I was carrying about 40 pounds of weight including two half-gallons of water strapped to my belt, and just collapsed beside the trail for a good rest.

The others walked on over to the rim of Rattlesnake Canyon for a good view up and down the canyon. Continuing southwest along the rim of Rattlesnake Canyon, we came to its junction with Woods Canyon and passed around the head of Bias Canyon on our left.

We were now traveling along the crest of the ridge between Bias and Woods Canyons. Soon we found that the trail was following very close to the rim of Woods Canyon and we had excellent views see next three photographs down into and across the canyon.

Looking upstream, we could clearly see the junction with Rattlesnake Canyon; looking across the canyon and just slightly to the northwest we had a great view of Courthouse Butte with the smaller Bell Rock to its left.

An analysis of stagecoach station 34 deadman butte

Meanwhile, looking northeast from our viewpoint, we could see Lees Mountain and Munds Mountain poking above Horse Mesa which formed the opposite wall of Woods Canyon. However, it had to this point been exceptionally smooth and easy to hike, and it continued to be so for another for another 2.

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After that, it became rockier and ever steeper, finally plunging feet in 1. In some sections it was steep enough that we had to take great care to avoid slipping on the loose gravel and falling. Having driven a few loaded mule-drawn wagons down steep slopes in east Tennessee during my youth, I could easily understand the teamsters response to Mrs.

Summerhayes complaint about his speed. As we neared the end of the trail we came out on Forest Road T and followed it a very short distance to the car we had parked here to take us back to the upper end of the trail. Later reference to an old topographic map placed the site of the stage station about half a mile south of where we came out.

As measured by my GPS track the trail is 8.Natural features such as oceans, mountains, lakes, plains, and deserts all make a difference in the lives of individuals. The types of housing, heating fuels, and transportation infrastructure are largely influenced by the geography of Lima-centennial Valley Ccd, Montana.

The term Deadman’s Hand was part of poker parlance from the ’s on, possibly referring to a poker game played in where a judge literally bet the house, his last piece of property, and lost, the shock inducing a fatal heart attack.

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