Broadcort business plan

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Broadcort business plan

BUSINESS Introduction We are a leading provider of online retail discount brokerage services, offering customers automated securities order placement and information capabilities through the Internet via our Web site, as well as through touch tone telephone, via PowerBroker, and through our registered representatives.

We are also a leading market maker in Nasdaq equity securities. As a market maker, we execute trades by buying and selling equity securities for our own account.

We are the only online broker to have received in the highest rating from both Barron's and Money magazine, Barron's recently ranked NDB. Similarly, Money magazine ranked us as the number two online broker in a study testing ease of use, customer service, system responsiveness, products and tools, and costs, and also ranked us the number one online broker for new online investors.

Sherwood Securities, established inis the fifth largest Nasdaq market maker based on the number of securities in which it makes a market and tenth largest based on the volume of shares traded. Sherwood Securities has also experienced significant growth.

Industry Overview The U.

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Nasdaq trading volume has also experienced rapid growth as favorable market conditions have resulted in companies increasingly raising capital through the U. This has resulted in a significant increase in the volume of shares traded over Nasdaq and the number of stocks quoted on Nasdaq. Online Retail Discount Brokerage The favorable investing environment and advances in technology have led to the rapid development of the online retail discount brokerage business.

Technological advances have created new and inexpensive means for individual investors to access and participate in the equity markets. Access to information over the Internet and the growing availability of more powerful, less expensive personal computers has helped create a new type of investor.

This investor is more self-reliant, comfortable with technology and value- oriented and accepts the Internet as a convenient, secure and reliable means of commerce.

According to International Data Corporation, the number of online brokerage accounts grew from about one million at the end of to about 3.

IDC estimates that there were over 6. We believe that as more investors utilize online retail discount brokerage services to manage their investment portfolios, they will expect their online brokerage service providers to have broad capabilities.

We believe these investors will differentiate among online retail brokerage service providers based on their capabilities. These capabilities must include: Web sites that are customer-friendly and easy to navigate and use. Nasdaq Market Making Market makers offer to buy securities from, and sell securities to, broker- dealers and institutional investors.

Firms that make a market in a security display the price at which they are willing to buy bid or sell ask these securities. They adjust their bid and ask prices in response to the forces of supply and demand for each security.

broadcort business plan

Historically, market makers relied on wider spreads between bid and ask prices to ensure profitability and built cost structures based on these spreads.

Regulatory changes have narrowed the spreads available to market makers and have also made available to retail customers much of the same information that was previously available only to institutional investors.

This rule has created competition with market maker quotes and reduced the spread between the bid and ask. Additional regulations recently adopted by the NASD require market makers to fill customer limit orders before trading for their own accounts.

Most market makers are either part of diversified securities firms or independent businesses. The four largest independent market makers, which include Sherwood Securities, had a combined market share of This represented an increase from We believe the growth of independent market makers is the result of both a strong overall U.

Internal market making departments of diversified securities firms have increasingly chosen to reduce the number of stocks in which they make a market.

This has contributed to increased trading volume for the independent market makers. Challenges In this new narrower spread environment, market makers are finding it more difficult to maintain profitability. At the same time, customers are demanding better execution standards and improved service.

To maintain profit levels in this environment, market makers must execute a larger volume of trades and maintain larger security positions in inventory.

However, significant increases in trading volumes and inventory are only a benefit if market makers are able to manage the risks associated with larger inventory positions.Mutual fund daily prices, performance and additional fund information If you are a participant in an employer-sponsored DC plan [e.g.

(k)] invested in Russell Investments Trust Company commingled funds please contact your company's plan administrator for guidance on accessing commingled fund pricing information.

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Our Business Continuity Plan – Significant business disruptions can vary from disrupting only our firm to the region in which we are located. Our Plan addresses various disruptions and is intended to mitigate reasonable risk so as to permit the continuation of key business operations.

Cabrera Capital Markets prides itself on its distinct level of electronic and algorithmic trading services and quality of execution.

broadcort business plan

Our experienced trading team works closely with our institutional clients and is dedicated to maximizing their trading effectiveness. I am a Quantitative Financial Professional with years of Analytical experience looking to switch gears to pursue a career in Marketing with focus on Analytics related to Business Opportunities, Market Growth and Customer Manager of Proposal Analysis at .

MLPF&S provides a wide variety of investment and custodial services to individuals through Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and through small business retirement programs such as the Merrill Lynch Simplified Employee Pension Plan and the Merrill Lynch Simple Retirement Account Plan. Form ATS OMB APPROVAL OMB Number: Expires: April 30, NASDAQ-Listed (Tape Plan C) and other-listed (Tape Plan B) securities.

All such securities are registered under Section 12(a) of the Exchange Act. b. A list of the securities the alternative trading system trades, or if this is an initial operation business, or an.

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