Company s organization and culture of sony ericsson

So far, Sony is 62 years old. In these 62 years, Sony grew from 20 employees tostaff worldwide consolidated. From an initial capital ofyen for the test and manufacture telecommunications equipment and the involvement of the last two yearsSony's consolidated sales and operating profit is 8, million yen in the whole world as well.

Company s organization and culture of sony ericsson

Oraganizational Structure Intro The organization is a organic firm called Sony. Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. There is a CEO in the headquarter and five main managers under the director.

The CEO has developed Sony into different departments such as electronic, music, movies, computer games and theatres.

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Inside the structure, there are three main core business: Each aspects have different manager to manage the progress.

Sony Corporation Chain of Demand: Sony has also provide horizontal control and managers and employees share the same authority.


They can have chance to give command ,take action and make decision. Each department can make its own experiments and pursue its own ideas with fewer layer of approval. Focusing on the Future Decentralization of authority: Sony has innovative workers and they are centralized with their decision making.

Company s organization and culture of sony ericsson

Workers can have chance to develop their new strategies. Sony emphasis more on individual performances. Worker who have a good and innovative idea can provide their idea to manager. Sony emphasize the communication with employee because it can ensure that the company can suit their needs.

In EuropeSony has established Works Councils where labour-related negotiations are conducted. This social provides a forum for representatives of Management and employees that are from different country to meet and discuss the issues.

Sony Corporation, Rules: Sony also provide the basis for human-rights- rules. Sony ensure that there are no discriminatory and equal opportunities.The Ericsson executive added that his company will continue to invest in research and development in telephone systems, particularly second-generation (2G) and third-generation (3G) mobile systems.

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Sony Music work together with Simon Cowell’s production company, Syco, work together to promote X-factor and Britains Got Talent artists. And through this power and authority, Sony get the first choice on any artist and established Sony Label artists are used on X-factor shows.

Corporate Culture at Sony and Microsoft Mr. Andrews talked about his book How the Web was Won: Microsoft From Windows to the focused on discovery of .

Company s organization and culture of sony ericsson

company culture, with focus on masculinity, at Sony Ericsson today, five years after their merger. Since Sony and Ericsson have roots in Japan and Sweden and these two. Sony Ericsson, a mobile phone company formed by Sony and Ericsson Square Enix, a video game company XL Airways France (IATA designator SE; formerly "Star Airlines").

In applying its organizational culture, Sony Corporation trains and maintains its human resources to satisfy customers. Sony’s success is partly due to the effectiveness of the characteristics of this corporate culture in connecting the company with its target customers.

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