Discuss the extent to which psychology

With reference to relevant to research studies, to what extent does genetic inheritance influence behaviour. Introduction State what you are doing in the essay This essay will attempt to consider the merits or otherwise of the influence of genetic inheritance on behaviour. Outline the overarching principle According to the third principle of the biological level of analysis BLAbehaviour is innate and inherited because it is genetically based we are predisposed to a specific behaviour due to genetics.

Discuss the extent to which psychology

A science follows a process, when investigating anything scientific. Secondly, a generalization is made about that subject matter and a hypothesis is formed. Next, deductive reasoning takes place where by the subject matter is tested, and either verified or falsified.

A science is characterised by the fact that it is supposed to our objective and the variables tested need to be testable, among others.

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Firstly, objectivity — for a subject to be a science, it needs to be objective in that the researcher imposes no ideas, which may be biased to what they believe in their study. This can sometimes be established.

For example, behaviorist, biological and cognitive theorists all use lab studies when they investigate their theories, which are largely controlled and therefore unbiased by the researchers own beliefs. However, psychodynamic theorists, when investigating subject matter use, in the majority, case studies.

These are generalized and involved the biased interpretation of the researcher.

Discuss the extent to which psychology

So, from this point of view, depending on which psychological is carrying out the investigation, depends on the matter of whether the method is objective. A second argument that could be used as either for or against psychology as a science is the process of operationalising variables.

In normal sciences, for example, chemistry and physics, variables are obviously established. They use voltage, amps and grams when carrying out research, which are easily established. However, when psychologists investigate areas, they cannot establish such things.

For example, if they are looking at stress, they may find indirect variables, such as sweat, but they cannot firmly say that this is a direct variable linked to stressful situations.

So, again, from this argument, it is difficult to say that psychology can be a science, as they cannot very well establish causality.

The third thing that does establish is causality. This means that a cause and effect relationship, in that the IV had an effect on the DV.

In sciences, this is very well established, as most of those use laboratory experiments, which are controlled and show this cause and effect relationship.

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To some extent, psychology can also establish causality. In the behavioural, biological and cognitive approaches, lab experiments are often used and so they can establish causality in their highly controlled conditions.

However, again, psychodynamic theorists raise problems when they are investigating as they mainly use case studies. This means causality cannot be properly established even when lab experiments are used to investigate psychological phenomena, there are problems raised.

Lab experiments lack ecological validity cannot be applied to real life and can create demand characteristics whereby the participants thinks they know how the investigator wants them to act, and acts accordingly. They can also lack experimental validity where by the participant does not believe in the experiment.

The fourth and final argument that can be used to show whether psychology is a science is its use of theory. However, psychology does not have any of these. Instead, it has levels of explanations that are used to explain phenomena. He meant that psychology had not quite reached the stage of being a science, but may do one day.

On the other hand, however, paradigms change all the time, so does psychology really need one?To decide whether psychology is a science, we firstly have to define a ‘science’.

Revision:Psychology model answers - Is Psychology a Science. to a certain extent whether psychology is a science. To look back at the original definition of a science – ‘objectively obtaining data and organizing it into theories’, I believe that. As such, this essay response will aim to consider the argument or concept of how both cognitive and biological factors interact in emotion and influence how humans experience emotion.

A conclusion will then be made regarding the extent in which these factors influence emotion. Discuss the Extent to Which Anthropology Is a Science Essay ‘DISCUSS THE EXTENT TO WHICH ANTHROPOLOGY IS A SCIENCE.’ The study of anthropology concerns itself with the understanding of various societies and cultures within our world.

IB Psychology notes on The biological level of analysis: Genetics and Behaviour - With reference to relevant to research studies, to what extent does genetic inheritance influence behaviour. Discuss the extent to which economic growth may benefit the economy.

(18) Economics growth is, it the short run an increase in real GDP and in the long run an increase in the productive capacity of an economy (the maximum output that the economy can produce).

Discuss to What Extent Psychology Can Be Considered a Science. According to Merriam Webster (), science is a, “knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general laws especially as obtained and tested through scientific method”, with scientific method in five steps being, “observation/research, hypothesis, prediction.

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