Free flea market business plan

She had decided two years ago to sell screen-printed children's clothing when her husband found a flier on the street announcing the opening of the Brooklyn Flea, a popular New York market. She signed up and, two years later, is still an active vendor. It's a classic trope of entrepreneurialism:

Free flea market business plan

In a recession economy, people are looking for bargains, and flea markets are doing well.

free flea market business plan

Some folks hear that and want to open a booth. Other entrepreneurs think bigger, and want to open an entire flea market. Three articles on advice Web site eHow have step-by-step instructions for opening a flea market.

Marlene Affeld focuses on the planning stage. Look for good traffic. Make a business plan. Pick a catchy name. Check with the IRS and local government for tax, permit, and license requirements.

Print business cards and go recruit vendors. Lay out your booths and make a map for vendors.

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Consider fees for vendors and maybe charge shoppers to get in. Create rules for vendors. Advertise with signs and ads. And make your market fun with food booths, music, contests, and drawings.

A third eHow writer, this time anonymous, covers much of the same ground. But he has a few more good tips. Look for free advertising on Craigslist; try to get the local paper to write up an article on your new business. Make sure you have port-a-potties. Set up an admin booth to serve vendors and to sell your own stuff.

free flea market business plan

Moving on to the rest of the Web, in a comment to a would-be market owner, Ed Atun suggests that you need two acres to have enough space for parking and booths. One fellow opened hoping for 15 vendors on his first weekend, but only two came.

His Web site is now defunct. Another poster has some interesting advice: The flea market owner can make decent money with a monopoly or near-monopoly on selling food.Sample Flea Market Business Plan Template If you are looking for a sample flea market business plan template, here is a business plan for starting a flea market .

Flea market sellers and street vendors can target key demographics and establish projects within the residential market by using this free, printable business Television programs like Flea Market Flip and Storage Wars have catapulted the reseller industry.

Before you start a flea market business however, there are a few things you should know. Before you start a flea market business however, there are a few things you should know. · Lions plan festive fleamarket for December - 14 mins ago.

relaxing with friends Anne-Marie McNaught and Jenny Stone at the club's November Flea Market. Feel free to let us know by commenting on our Facebook page or you can contact our newsroom on ESoftsys | Booth Tracker is the Booth Tracking and Management Software or Booth Management Software for Flea Market System, Indoor flea Markets, Trade Shows, Swap Meet or any other business that performs space Flea market business abounds today and is soaring in popularity in most cities and well populated areas.

It is a good place to buy affordable items and at the same time gives the opportunity for people to start a business with a small

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