Photo-essay u-boat war

The Starwort is a generic name for quite a few plants but mostly commonly applied to the aster, however, it is also the name given to semi-submerged dense leaved plants that take over ponds and line the sides of slow moving streams which, as we discovered later, may have been more appropriate! The Corvette was based on a whaling ship design built in Middlesbrough, the idea being that they could be built quickly in the smaller shipyards whilst the larger, faster and better equipped destroyers came on line.

Photo-essay u-boat war

It was a grey and overcast day and not really photography weather, but I always lug a camera along just in case I spot something of interest. My business took me to the Post Office in the city and it sits on the edge of a public square that is often used to hold a market in.

My business was done quite quickly which was a surprise considering that I read about these long queues and delays. On my way out the door I discovered a War Memorial in the one corner and was given permission to photograph it.

WEB OF EVIL (& ENNUI): U-Boat Rampage

I have posted the memorials and name lists on allatsea. Having made my first discovery for the day I was really at leisure. I had no real hard and fast plans but did want to go to the Old Cemetery and photograph some of the CWGC graves in it.

Unfortunately on my first expedition Photo-essay u-boat war had seen similar poor weather, so not much had changed. There is a bus that stops at the cemetery, but I had no idea where to catch it so decided to catch a taxi instead.

Luckily I found a taxi by accident and was soon outside Gloucester Old Cemetery.

See a Problem?

The cemetery is on the Painswick Road in an area seemingly called Tredworth. It was opened inand now covers 35 acres. There are also 10 non World War service burials and 7 Foreign National burials here. CWGC information on the cemetery The older part of the cemetery is where you will find the chapel.

It is quite an attractive building but unfortunately it is fenced off. I do not know if it still in use as a chapel though. They seem to use it as a place to park the digger machinery. The chapel would be behind me on the right.

The strange thing about this part of the cemetery is how few headstones there are. However, that does not mean that it is all empty space, it is very likely that there are graves under all that grass. I headed towards the furtherest part of the cemetery and worked my way to the opposite end of it, photographing as I went.

On my last visit I had really just captured a few headstones, and never really intended to return as images of the graves were not needed. By the time I arrived at the Cross of Sacrifice my shoes were squelching, the grass was sodden with dew and it would have been fun to walk this area when frost had fallen overnight because it freezes the grass and it makes a nice crunching noise as you walk.

There are not too many, but I am sure I missed some casualties that are on private memorials. There are a number of really beautiful headstones in this cemetery, and here are some… What always amazes me is how the weathering does affect the gravestones, and that is a major problem with the white CWGC headstones that are often badly discoloured.

The two CWGC plot headstones were reasonably clean, but some of the scattered graves were in an appalling condition. Then it was time to hit the newer part of the cemetery, or I assume it is a newer part although there were some very old graves in it.Libreria Náutica Robinson - Merchant sailors at war "beating the u-boat" | Kaplan, Philip | | The Battle of the Atlantic was the dominating factor all through the war.

Never for one moment could we forget that everything happening elsewhere, on land, at sea, or in the air, depended ultimately on. Civil War Navy magazine, published quarterly, was launched to explore and describe in detail the naval history of the conflict and more fully underpin its military role and importance.

The film crew needed to make the pristine ship look war-ravaged, so they poured a mixture of gravy and sugar out the portholes to replicate rust. In several small ways, the miniseries altered the facts to heighten the drama, such as Gruber's relationship with a German student in Cologne, shown in flashbacks.

Major post-war submarine constructions in the Soviet Union, the UK, France and the USA were visibly influenced by the Type XXI.

Photo-essay u-boat war

Enter the Wilhelm Bauer This particular boat was built as U , launched on 13 January, , commissioned on 24 February, , and scuttled on 4 May The First World War was a war of artillery. Artillery was the greatest killer, the major cause of trench deadlock and, eventually, massively augmented, the principal instrument of victory.

Heavy howitzers, with their steep angle of fire, were particularly effective in destroying field fortifications. Saturday, May 7th, marks the 96th anniversary of the sinking of the Lusitania by a German u-boat off the coast of Ireland in World War I.

I don't know a whole lot about the sinking, so was doing a little reading on the subject yesterday.

Merchant Sailors at War - - Beating the U-Boat : Philip Kaplan :