Term paper about minimalism

Minimalism The objective of this work is to research and examine "interiors and minimalism" and to answer the questions of: How it would create a new direction in the interior design field? The first step in attempting to research and ultimately answer the questions posed in this research is to apply a definition to specifically what is meant by Minimalism in Interior Design.

Term paper about minimalism

More Essay Examples on Minimalism Rubric Minimalism began to have its influence on the world, starting in the s. The movement was definitely one that started post World War II and was perceived and received most strongly in the United States of America. It was a distinct blend and yet also served as a bridge between modernism and post-modernism, Having started in the Fifties, Minimalism went on to create a wave in the Sixties and Seventies as well.

Thriving on simplicity of content and form, the interesting thing about Minimalism is that it was often devoid of personal expression in large quantities. The movement aimed at intriguing the viewer, goading him into an experience that he could make on his own, and completing it by himself, without having to worry about any external stimuli of any kind that could have included variations in composition, color, theme and creation.

Minimalism of course, made its appearance in earlier works as well. For example, in the case of Goethe who built what he called an Altar of Good Fortune. The altar consisted of nothing but a stone sphere and a cube.

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In the twentieth century however, minimalism began to have more of an impact and many artists began to focus on the concept. This was largely evident in the stark canvases that Term paper about minimalism present, the sculptures and the installations.

Critics were also able to compare the work to several other movements that occurred at fairly the same time — movements such as Conceptual Art, Pop Art and Land Art. Minimalism was compared to Conceptual Art and found similar in that the finished work was supposed to exist solely in order to convey a theory or a message.

A parallel was also drawn between Minimalism and Pop Art after observing the common ground of impersonal work that the two shared. Land Art on the other hand was compared to Minimalism due to its similarity in construction of similar shapes. Radical as it was, one of the first things that Minimalism did was to completely reject the concerns of the Abstract Expressionist movement that preceded Minimalism.

It was evident that Minimalism obviously had a history to it and was not emerging out of nowhere. All the qualities that the previous movement pedestalized such as structure, nature, etc only helped to pave the way for Minimalism.

Another factor that influenced the existence of Minimalism was Pop Art and the way it embraced all forms of culture that was even remotely popular.

This movement was the beginning of everyday things in art. Pop Art used anything and everything and used material objects as the content for its structure and art work. In retrospect, critics point out how artists who worked at the very beginning of the twentieth century then went on to influence the minimalist style.

The qualities that set Minimalism apart begin with a characteristic style where single or repeated geometric forms are used. There is a deliberate lack of expression in Minimalist art, with no trace of emotion or intuitive decision making and thus little about the artist is revealed in the work.

Minimal art does not refer to anything beyond its literal presence. The materials used are not worked to suggest something else; color if used is also non-referential, i. Minimalist art directly engages with the space it occupies. The sculpture is carefully arranged to emphasize and reveal the architecture of the gallery, often being presented on walls, in corners, or directly onto the floor, encouraging the viewer to be conscious of the space.

Less is surely more as far as minimalism is concerned.

Term paper about minimalism

Minimalist artists did not feel that by paring the work down to simple forms they created a less rich experience for the viewer. Quite the contrary, they believed that they were creating the possibility for a more direct and pure relationship between the viewer and the work.

Several works emerged after this philosophy — works of art that showed basic forms, in distinct colors and shapes. Adding to this image were lines, textures, hues or even the absence of all the above. The gradual reduction in all art forms and the way in which the bare essentials were displayed came to be an abstract and beautiful sight in itself.

The beauty of these art forms lay in the fact that any viewer, irrespective of whether he or she was willing to interpret the work, would still be able to enjoy it.

Minimalist art work came to be recognized for what it was.Free Essay: Minimalism In order to understand minimal artists’ tendency to produce objects and not images, we need to define minimalism. Free Essays; Minimalism Essay; Minimalism Essay.

Words 3 Pages. Minimalism In order to understand minimal artists’ tendency to produce objects and not images, we need to define minimalism.

Term paper about minimalism

The term 'minimalism' is typically understood in two ways. In the general accepted sense, it is known as when contemporary American classical composers in the 60s and 70s (such as Steve Reich and Philip Glass) returned to simple tonal music, repetitive arpeggios and constrained dynamics/5(1).

Below is an essay on "Minimalism" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. What understanding of compositional practice and the listening experience is to be gained from regarding the distinction between minimalism and post-minimalism as significant?/5(1).

In order to understand minimal artists’ tendency to produce objects and not images, we need to define minimalism. Michael Delahunt at Artlex (1) refers to minimalism as “A twentieth century style of art stressing the idea of reducing a work of art to the minimum number of colors, values, shapes.

Minimalism In order to understand minimal artists’ tendency to produce objects and not images, we need to define minimalism. Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper.

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