Venice italy essay

When you drink wine from Venice Italy, you will never go for any other wine but their old natural wine. They mostly use sea foods called the Cuisine.

Venice italy essay

Vulgar Latin had, no doubt, its own local peculiarities before the fall of the Empire.

Venice italy essay

The political instability that followed Roman rule kept Italy from re-uniting as a nation until the nineteenth century. This long period of fragmentation and the fact that Classical Latin was preferred as the international language of study allowed the various modes of speech to develop on their own until they could almost be called separate languages.

Many dialects are, in fact, unintelligible with each other. With the political reunification of the peninsula and the degree of travel and relocation that began to take place, the need for a national language became all the more urgent.

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This need was met by the literary language, which had evolved as a standardized form of Florentine. Today, thanks to aggressive education programs, the literary language is used throughout the country for law, business, and education.

The dialects are finding themselves relegated to home use, or between close neighbors in urban neighborhoods and villages. There are two major groups of Italian dialects, excepting the Sardinian group which is considered another language entirely.

These two groups are separated by the Spezia-Rimini line, named for the two cities near which it passes; the line runs east-west across the peninsula, for the most part following the border between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna, then cutting into the Marches.

The Septentrional or Northern dialects in turn are divided into two main groups: It is named for the Gauls which once inhabited this part of Italy, and who, it seems, left traces of their Celtic speech in the modern dialects.

Next largest is the Venetic group, whose borders loosely follow the region of Veneto. The Central-Meridional dialects are of four distinct groups.

Venice lies at the north end of the Adriane Sea, about 3 miles off the coast of Italy (Vidal). Perhaps one of the most visited landmarks is the Grand Canal, winding through the heart of Venice. Visitors are able to glide down the sparkling canal in gondolas as they view the beautiful city around them. Venice, Italy The city of Venice was built on the water; therefore the canals of Venice have always been an important part of the life of Venetians. Venice is a city of small islands with over bridges linking them. The more than canals serve as streets of . A collage of Venice: at the top left is the Piazza San Marco, followed by a view of the city, then the Grand Canal, and (smaller) the interior of La Fenice and, finally, the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore.

The Tuscan group occupies an area roughly approximating that of the region of Tuscany. To the south are the Latin-Umbrian-Marchegian dialects, which occupy the northern half of Latium including Romemost of Umbria and some of the Marches. These two are also sometimes grouped together as the Central dialects.

Directly below these are the Meridional dialects, of two major types. The Intermediate Meridional dialects occupy the bottom half of the peninsula, including the regions of southern Lazio, Abruzzi, Molise, Campania, Basilicata, and parts of Apulia.

The tips of Calabria and Apulia, however, together with Sicily, delineate the Extreme Meridional dialects. Within the political boundaries of Italy are two other Romance languages. Ladino is spoken in the extreme north-east of Italy; a Friulian type in Friulia, and a Dolomitic type in the Dolomite mountains.

Sardinian, spoken on the island of Sardinia, is divided into Logudorese-Campidanese and Sassarese-Gallurese.

Venice italy essay

Dialects of Italian are also spoken outside of the political boundaries of Italy. The Istrian dialects are restricted to the southwestern portion of the peninsula of Istria in modern day Croatia. These, together with the Venetic dialects spoken just to the north, are of the Septentrional type.

Corsican, on the French island of Corsica, falls under the Central-Meridional group.

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Venice Venetian is, like Milanese, a Septentrional dialect; but falls under a different sub-group:Venice, Italy: a city that belongs to the world is a UNESCO World Heritage Site ideal for exploring by barge and river cruises.

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It's been said that Venice is not just a city of museums, but a museum city, a place to be visited and appreciated but not lived in, where on a sunny summer day tourists can outnumber locals two.

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Mar 17,  · Venice is the island city which is located on small islands. It is in the eastern part of Italy and near the Adriatic Sea. In Venice; there are waterways which separate the islands and there are bridges which connect the islands.

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