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Requirements for becoming a member of HKIOA Application Procedures For those who are interested to become a member of the HKIOA, please download and complete the appropriate form as required, and together with any supporting documents e. Full year membership fee would be applicable to application received before 1st July each year and half-year membership fee for application received after that date. Membership would be renewed annually subject to full payment of the annual membership fee. Treasurer at hkioa aihk.

Write a cheque hsbc hk

Banking services in Qatar Banks in Qatar are extremely well financed, secure and well regulated, with the Qatari authorities supporting domestic banks, where necessary, with direct investments. Branches of both national and international banks can be found throughout Qatar.

A number of banks provide drive-in banking services, while others offer mobile banking for customers who live in outlying areas. Large companies often have banks located on-site, as do a number of government departments. Retail banking services available in Qatar include branch banking, online and telephone banking.

The use of credit, debit and cash cards is widespread, and cash is a popular form of payment for everyday transactions.

Bank statements and official banking correspondence can be provided either in Arabic or English, and many of the banks in Qatar provide counter services in both languages.

The main types of bank account in Qatar There are three main types of accounts used for everyday banking and savings in Qatar: Current account — typically used for everyday banking. Interest rates paid on current accounts are generally low Savings account — typically pays a higher rate of interest than current accounts, but access to funds may be limited, and savings accounts may allow only a certain number of fee-free withdrawals.

You will need to provide: A reference letter from your employer, stating your salary and their approval for you to open an account. Residency permit if applicable. Once your application is approved, the bank will give you a letter that you will need to send to your employer confirming that the bank is happy to receive your salary payments.

It is worth noting that changing banks at a later date may be difficult, as your existing bank would be required to authorise this. Opening a bank account before you arrive in Qatar An alternative to a domestic bank account in Qatar is an international account. In addition to giving you access to a wide range of international banking services, you will also benefit from a range of other services and banking facilities.

These services include tax efficient offshore account options, online banking and a debit card available in major currencies.

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An international account can be used by clients living or working in Qatar, provides a convenient and secure way to manage your finances, and is ideal when travelling between international locations.

Many of the hotels also exchange foreign currency, but again their rates are typically uncompetitive. To find the best exchange rates, look for city-centre bureaux de change.

ATMs in Qatar ATMs are widely available in Qatar, particularly in the major towns and cities, and generally accept a wide variety of both national and international cards.

Expect to pay a fee for using ATMs operated by banks other than your own. Cash withdrawals using debit cards may be restricted to a daily limit set by your bank, and to make cash withdrawals with a debit card you will need to have funds available in your account.

Credit and charge cards Visa and MasterCard are widely issued and accepted, with American Express and Diners Club accepted to a lesser extent. If you withdraw cash from an ATM using a credit card, expect to pay a fee.

Remember that you can often haggle over prices — except if you pay with a credit card. Cheques From Maythe post-dating of cheques will no longer be accepted, and the recipient of a cheque regardless of the issue date entered on the cheque will be able to present the cheque immediately to their bank for encashment.

e-Cheque - Ways to Bank - HSBC Commercial Banking Cheques are more likely to be used for bill payments and annoyingly, to secure credit cards and loans. A couple of important points to note about using checks in the UAE.
e-Cheque Services - HSBC HK Hang Seng e-banking You can also use online payment services as provided by other banks in Hong Kong.
All-in-One Accounts It was breaking up in full view over the past few years, except that it was not in the way that analysts think about banks.

This may cause difficulties for the tenants of rented properties in Qatar as it used to be accepted practice to issue a series of post-dated cheques to the landlord for the duration of a tenancy. Going overdrawn In Qatar, going overdrawn on your current account without prior authorisation is taken very seriously.

Unauthorised overdrafts attract substantial penalty charges and fees. Issuing a cheque without the necessary funds in your account is considered a serious criminal offence, and the police will be notified at the discretion of the bank or creditor concerned.

Prosecution is common and punishments can be harsh, including prison terms. When issuing cheques, be aware of the new laws relating to post-dated cheques that will apply in May see Cheques, above — and above all, before you write a cheque, you must ensure you have adequate funds in your account.

Money transfers to and from Qatar As well as money transfer services offered by the banks, there are a wide variety of specialist money transfer businesses in Qatar. Do research the fee structures and exchange rates before you transfer money. Currency regulations relating to the import and export of currencies are subject to change.

You should ask your bank for the latest details on current payments and capital payments.


As of Aprilthere are no restrictions on the import or export of local or foreign currency into or out of Qatar. However, Israeli currency is prohibited, and can neither be brought into the country nor taken out.

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Bank charges Typically, current accounts in Qatar are free so long as a minimum account balance is maintained. Charges vary between account types and banks, so it is advisable to research charges before opening an account, particularly given that changing banks can be difficult.

Alternatively, find out more about the overseas banking services and expat banking that are available from Barclays Wealth International.Services › Anti-Spam › Email Scams - November The following email scams were reported to the Electronic Messaging Compliance team.

Links to scam web pages have been removed and spaces have been added to email addresses to ensure they do not become hyperlinks. Can be used to make Hong Kong Dollar, US Dollar and Renminbi payments via the e-Cheque Deposit Box Service on HSBC's website - via the e-Cheque Drop Box on the HKICL website (HK Interbank Clearing Ltd).

Write, call or send a message ; Find a branch. And your nearest Express Banking location ; Help and Support. Jun 26,  · Expert Reviewed. How to Write a Check. Two Methods: Annotated Check Writing a Check Community Q&A Writing checks is an easy and important skill every adult should know.

To write a check, fill in the current date on the line in the upper right corner, the name of the recipient in the "Pay" field, the numerical amount next to the dollar 90%(). MEMBERSHIP.

write a cheque hsbc hk

As at 31 Oct , the Institute has a total of members, comprising architects, engineers, government officials, academia, student and professionals from various disciplines. Please pay before the payment due date shown on the bill to avoid disconnection of services.

write a cheque hsbc hk

In case of disconnection due to non-payment, a reconnection fee may apply to reconnect your service. Proposer / Policyowner / Life Assured may make payment by using cash, their personal EPS or crossed cheque / cashier’s order / bank draft issued by banks in Hong Kong by presenting the "Premium Notice", "Premium Reminder Notice", "Premium Overdue Notice" or "Proposal Outstanding Premium Notice" issued by Prudential at any of Hong Kong Post offices.

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